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Company Headquarters

Office and support facilities in Puerto Rico, US, and Sydney, Australia.

TEL: (787)466-7178

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Adelphos Construction

We reduced the average build time for a concrete two-bedroom, one-bath house from 110 days to 70 days through project engineering and the use of modern equipment.

We are bringing state of the art modular construction to Puerto Rico through an exclusive partnership with Systems, the provider of housing for the United Nations Sustainable Housing program.

These modular structures are 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, R30 insulation value, and can withstand Category 5 winds. These structures are also designed for seismic activity significantly greater than what concrete structures are rated for.

Build time for our exclusively designed modular homes is 14 days, compared to 70 days for the same floor plan built with concrete, or 110 days built by others.

Our modular construction can also be used to build eco-friendly schools and commercial buildings with all the same benefits.

Adelphos Recyling

Concrete waste from the demolition of condemned buildings in Puerto Rico is filling up landfills much faster than expected and will far exceed capacity in 3-5 years. The disposal of concrete in landfills and ocean floor is made obsolete with Adelphos Recycling opening operations and importing the necessary equipment to recycle the concrete.

Our recycling method repurposes old concrete for use as road-base, compaction, or new construction materials.

The use of recycled material offers both economic and environmental benefits as it extends the useful life of gravel pits and landfills while being much more environmentally friendly.

Adelphos Manufacturing

With the immediate need for housing, schools, and commercial buildings, we are standing up manufacturing capabilities to produce our modular construction designs.

Our construction and manufacturing solutions will significantly reduce construction times, increase building thermal values, reduce the environmental impact, be completely recyclable, and be able to withstand natural disasters better than current construction methods.

Once manufacturing capacity meets the demand in Puerto Rico, we will be exporting throughout the Caribbean, U.S., and South America. Furthermore, our manufacturing facility will be able to support the United Nations Sustainable City’s Global effort.